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I have several favourite face mists, so I am not going to go to deeply into the details about all of them, but just know that all of these mists are hydrating, smell amazing, feel good on the skin and basically make me feel good using them!
They are all 100% natural, super calming and soothing and don’t react to my skin.
So I hope you enjoy my selection! In no particular order. I love them all!

Balance – Hydrating Rose Hibiscus Toner. Frecklefarm Organics
A beautiful antioxidant rich toner to assist with with inflamed, irritated and acne prone skin.
The smell is out of this world, and it doesn’t leave a film on my face afterward. Just beautiful! I use this straight after cleansing, and find the scent to calming and exotic. It as also worked as a little pick me up too, just before school pick up, I have a quick spray and it works a treat! Side note, Frecklefarm make the most divine body oil and body scrub too! Check my other favourites.

Rose Radiance Face Mist. Alyssum Alchemy
Surround yourself with love and Roses with this amazing face mist by Alyssum Alchemy, and be transported to another place. This out of this world face mist that fills the mind with calming thoughts. Contains Damascan Rose Petals, Kakadu Plum, Olive Leaf and Australian Frankincense, this spray has been treated to so much love during its production process, it has literally been blessed with reiki healing and abundant love. And this can be felt with each spray.

     Calm and Clear Essence Mist Australian Bush Flowers Essences 
- pictured below
Probably the one product that I have bought numerous times, that works on so many levels. I first discovered this spray about 8 years ago, but didn’t really research the brand or know anything about flower essences.
So I began by just using this as a room spray all those years ago, until I found that I literally LONGED for the scent. This specific flower essence has been cultivated and designed to help you relax, wind down and feel centred. This actually really works and I could not rate this spray more highly, spraying directly onto the face and body has become even more amazing, and I also use this spray to help my children settle, if they need some extra assistance. Note, I am actually using the Flower Elixir in the Calm and Clear at the moment, but find that I NEED the scent also. Using in conjunction with the elixir, has proved to be very effective in helping me with issue of anxiety.

Be Genki Sensual Face Mist - pictured above
This warm heavenly aromatic face spray is really all that it claims. Sensual, passion filled and exotic, it envelopes you in its rich scent and leaves you wanting more.
I adore pretty much every product that I have tried from Be Genki and the Sensual Range is a must for any face mist connoisseur like myself, and on a side note, the body oil is perfection.

               Kyella Rose Antioxidant Hydrate Mist by The Little Alchemist
Another Face mist that I discovered early on in my blogging days, that has truly left its mark! Such a beautiful well formulated spray that really REALLY hydrates the skin, and leaves it nourished and ready for the rest of your skin routine. Wonderful for sensitive skin like mine this is so calming and soothing (Not all Rose products are created equal)  This spray contains not only Bulgarian Rose, one of the finest rose oils, but also Goji Berry and Gotu Kola, known for there healing and soothing properties.

Josh Rosebrook - Hydrating Accelerator  
The name speaks for itself, this is definitely the most Hydrating spray I have ever used. And the smell us just gorgeous. Totally unique to JRB, and when my bottle finished I was really sad. This can be used as a light moisturiser it hydrates that well!

Special mention for a few other amazing sprays that I have loved, and are wonderful and easy to use.

Zen Botanicals Bulgarian Rose Hydration Mist. Soft, fresh, and beautiful. Plus I love this brand and everything they stand for.

Purpl Goat – Rose Quartz Crystal Healing Toner. All the way from Sunny LA, this beautiful fresh and zesty toner is amazing. I love looking at the sweet like rose quartz crystals in the bottom of the bottle, and hearing them tinkle as I spray my face. This one worked wonderfully when chilled in the fridge, and the coolness of the mist when sprayed liberally was such an amazing pick me up. Plus I adore the brand, and the creator is an absolutely wonderful inspiring babe.

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