Why the new Website and Blog Brooke?

Oh man it feels good to share sometimes doesn't it! I mean really connect on a deeper level, and block out all the noise that is going on around us. And on Instagram and other social media platforms there is just sooo much noise. 
This is my second attempt at building a website and blog, and this time it feels so right. My first attempt was created because I got sick of being asked where was my blog, do I have a blog, who reads my blog and blah blah. I needed to get to a place within myself where I WANTED one, to share my experiences and discoveries, rather that NEEDING one to fit in with the crowd. Cause quite frankly I couldn't give two shits about the crowd. I've seen the crowd and I don't need it.
So who is my crowd? People who's values and openness to the world are similar to mine, those that create abundance by doing what they love and sharing, giving and creating for a better life, these are my crowd. 2016 I saw a new crowd forming, and with these new people, I started to discover a new and better side to myself.
So on this new blog I want to discuss some real issues, mostly within Green Beauty and the Wellness realm, because this is where my passions and knowledge are most prominent, and I feel so much joy in using beautiful natural products from Australia and around the world, but also with subjects such as mental health, sexual health, self love and self appreciation, parenting highs and lows, womens issues, environmental and sustainable practises and initiatives and many many other things. I keep evolving, so my subjects and writing with keep moving forward as I discover more about myself, and how I can be a benefit to others. 
For so many years I have yearned to help others, I began courses in Youth Work and Psychology and just couldn't handle the work load while raising two boys, and it wasn't until I was on holiday in Bali one day that my husband said to me, you should study skin therapies that the penny dropped, and I went back to school for 18 months doing nights and weekends and got my diploma. It was super hard, balancing school, work and children, but it was so worth it. Starting my Hello Skin Instagram happened so spontaneously and I have loved every second of it. I love its organic growth, and how amazing the connections and friendships I have made through it have changed my life. 
Building my beautiful store The Natural Beauty Collective and sharing and providing skincare that is 100% natural, artisan made and sustainably conscious to the rest of Australia and the world has brought me so much joy and I have loved watching it grow and flourish.  
During this time I joined the most amazing group of soul inspiring, self building and life changing group called Soulpreneurs which is helping me to become everything I can be for myself and my businesses, to bring abundance holistically into my life and my families lives, without feeling as though I don't deserve it, just because I am not working a normal 9-5 job. 
Funnily enough being part of this incredible group, lead me to my newest life passion, DoTerra essential oils. I studied 6 month of aromatherapy last year and already knew how amazing essential oils were, but nothing prepared me for really KNOWING how good these oils were going to be. I haven't had a bottle far from my hands in the last week and I have no intention of ever having one far away from me! They are just an extension of myself now, just like natural skincare and the love I have for my family.

So welcome to my new website. Have a look around and please feel free to connect with me. I will be opening up myself to you, dear reader and I hope you will do the same.

Much love and lavender filled thoughts. 
Hello Skin.


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